Adjusting Entry for Supplies Expense

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Updated on September 3, 2021

The accounting process for office or store supplies is similar to the procedure followed for prepaid or unexpired expenses. Specifically, they are initially recorded as assets by debiting the office or store supplies account and crediting the cash account.

At the end of the accounting period, the cost of supplies used during the period becomes an expense and an adjusting entry is made. Without this adjusting entry, the income statement will show higher income and the balance sheet will show supplies that do not exist.

Accounting Process for Supplies

Entry at the Time of Purchasing Supplies

When supplies are purchased, they are recorded by debiting supplies and crediting cash. The journal entry is given below.
Time of Purchasing Supplies Entry

Adjusting Entry at the End of Accounting Period

At the end of the accounting period, the cost of the supplies used during the period is computed and an adjusting entry is made to record the supplies expense. This entry is made as follows:
Adjusting Entry at the End of Accounting Period


The Green Company purchased office supplies costing $500 on 1 January 2016. Out of this, supplies costing $150 remained unused on 31 December 2016.

Required: In the company’s books:

  1. Make a journal entry on 1 January 2016, when the office supplies are purchased
  2. Make an adjusting entry on 31 December 2016 to record the supplies expense


1. When supplies are purchased
Journal Entry for Supplies Purchased
2. When cost of supplies used is recorded as supplies expense
Adjusting Entry Solution
Supplies expense for the period = $500 – $150 = $350

True Tamplin, BSc, CEPF®

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