Items Excluded From Cost Accounts

True Tamplin

Written by True Tamplin, BSc, CEPF®
Updated on August 19, 2021

Some items are included in the accounts of a manufacturing company, but because they are not related to production costs, they are excluded from cost accounts. This article provides an overview of these items.

1. Items of Appropriation of Profit

  • Income tax paid and legal expenses incurred in connection with the assessment of income tax
  • Transfer to reserves
  • Dividends on shares paid by a company
  • Amounts written off (e.g., goodwill, preliminary expenses, underwriting commission, and discount allowed on shares or debentures)
  • Bonus payments to employees, if such payments are based on profits

2. Items of Pure Finance

  • Interest and dividends received on investments
  • Rent received
  • Profit or loss on sale of investments, fixed assets, and so on
  • Expenses on raising capital
  • Cash discount allowed or received

3. Abnormal Items

True Tamplin, BSc, CEPF®

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