Inspection and Storage of Materials

True Tamplin

Written by True Tamplin, BSc, CEPF®
Updated on June 22, 2021

Inspection of materials

With the development of new products and quality improvement of old products as a result of increasing precision capabilities in measurement and manufacturing techniques, it has become necessary to thoroughly inspect the materials purchased either at the supplier’s godown or at the time goods are received by the receiving department. The main aim of inspection is to prevent the production of non-standard items.
The inspection of materials is today of utmost importance and both quality and quantity must thoroughly be checked and inspected.

Objectives of Inspection

The following are the main objectives of the Inspection of materials.

  1. To maintain the quality of the product.
  2. To receive only the right quantity of materials.
  3. To make the supplier efficient and careful.
  4. To make right utilization of the money invested.
  5. To make the purchase and store staff more watchful and careful.

Advantages of Inspection or Materials

The following are the main advantages of inspection:

  1. Ensure the right quality helps in maintaining a steady development and a high standard of living.
  2. Enhanced goodwill because of high-quality production, that too, at a lower cost since the inspection assures quality production.
  3. Procurement of statement items, again affecting favorably the cost curve because of lesser wear and tear and wastage, etc.
  4. Increase in profitability.

Storage of Materials

Materials are received in the store department for storage till they are issued to the using department. Materials are preserved for protecting them from all kinds of damages so as to maintain the original value of the materials. The maintenance of the original value and quality of the materials so as to help reduce the storage cost, production cost and help in improving the production quality. Storage of materials, therefore, is the most important function. Receiving is important but storage is still more important since it aims at:

  1. Keeping the materials safe.
  2. Protecting the materials from all kinds of damages etc.
  3. Protecting the materials from losing its value and quality.
  4. making the materials available when required in a perfect and serviceable condition.
  5. Ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the production department.

Efficient storage requires the consideration of the following:

  1. Checking of materials.
  2. Classification of materials.
  3. Codification of materials
  4. Arranging the materials
  5. Scientifically storing the materials in bins, racks, etc.
  6. Maintaining and keeping a watch on different level points so as to take necessary steps at the right time.

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