Memorandum Reconciliation Account

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Updated on June 22, 2021

What is a Memorandum Reconciliation Account?

Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts may also be presented in the form of an account prepared on memorandum basis. Such an account is known as “Memorandum Reconciliation Account“. The amount of profit as per cost accounts is shown on the credit side of this account.
The various items to be added to the profit as per cost accounts are credited to the Memorandum Reconciliation Account and the items to be deducted from profit as per cost accounts are debited to it. The difference between the two sides of the account will reveal the amount of profit or loss as per financial accounts.

Specimen of Memorandum Reconciliation Account

The specimen of a Memorandum Reconciliation Account may be given as follows:
Specimen of Memorandum Reconciliation Account


The net profits of a manufacturing company appeared at $64,500 as per financial records for the year ended 31st March 2019. The cost books, however, showed a net profit of $86,460 for the same period. A careful scrutiny of the figures from both the sets of accounts revealed the following facts:

  1. Income tax provided in financial books = $20,000
  2. Bank interest credited in financial books = $250
  3. Works overhead under-recovered in cost books = $1,550
  4. Depreciation charged in financial books = $5,600
  5. Depreciation recovered in costing books = $6,000
  6. Administrative overheads over-recovered = $850
  7. Loss due to obsolescence charged in financial accounts = $2,800
  8. Interest on investments not included in cost accounts = $4,000
  9. Stores Adjustments (Credited in Financial Books) = $240
  10. Loss due to depreciation in stock value charged in Financial Books = $3,350

Prepare (a). the Reconciliation Statement, (b). a Memorandum Reconciliation Account.


Reconciliation Statement

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