Manufacturing Accounts: Fill In the Blanks

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Updated on March 25, 2022

1. Net sales - Cost of goods sold = .

2. Cost of goods sold = Opening finished goods + - closing finished goods.

3. Cost of goods manufactured = Opening WIP + - closing W.I.P.

4. Direct labor + Direct material consumed + Factory overhead = .

5. Opening WIP + Factory cost - Closing WIP = .

6. Raw materials (RM) consumed = Opening RM + RM purchased during the period - .

7. Manufacturing concerns convert raw materials into .

8. Direct materials are those materials that can be directly charged to a .

9. All expenses other than direct materials and direct labor incurred in manufacturing a product are called .

10. If predetermined factory overheads are less than actual factory overheads, this is known as .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Manufacturing Account?

A Manufacturing Account is an accounting record of the costs associated with producing a product. This includes the direct costs of production, such as materials and labor, and indirect costs, such as factory overhead.

Are there any restrictions on using Manufacturing Accounts?

Manufacturing Accounts provide businesses with a detailed record of the costs associated with producing a product. This information can be used to decide pricing, production, and marketing.

Are there any restrictions on using Manufacturing Accounts?

Are there any restrictions on using Manufacturing Accounts?

What are the types of Manufacturing Accounts?

In a Manufacturing Account, there are three types of cost. It includes raw materials, finished goods, and work in progress.

What services do Manufacturing Accountants offer?

Manufacturing Accountants can provide a range of services, including Bookkeeping, financial analysis, and tax planning. They can help you set up your manufacturing business, and they can also help you manage it more effectively. By working with a Manufacturing Accountant, you can ensure that your business is running as efficiently as possible.

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